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Here we go.

I'm trying to decide how to give the Reader's Digest of the last few years. There have been a few ups some major downs and some regular life in the middle. I should start by going back to the last entry where I actually posted something of interest and just do a hi-light (is that right) reel.

I am also going to have refigure out how to add images and all that sort again. Let's try this now with a piece of the present

Tetzlaff family dec 2012
This is us December of 2012

Starting we me on the lower right and going clockwise. Paul 46, Barbara 46, Robert 25, Samantha 13, Alex 24

What we're all doing now.

I'm working in the carbide cutting tool industry full time during the day and running my lapping compound business the rest of the time.
Barb is now Senior Staff accountant and office manager at her company.
Robert is Petty Officer 2nd Class in the Coast Guard. (he hasn't actually been on a boat in three years but who's counting)
Alex is bucking for management now that he's been with Geico for a few years. (He outgrew the gecko suit)
Samantha is in the 8th grade, on the honor roll, and doing a fine job being a teenage girl (I know ALL the One Direction Songs!)

I suppose that is enough about the present for now. Next time we'll go back to just after August in 2009 when Barb had first been diagnosed with DCIS in her left breast. That's all for now. There's supposed to be a storm coming so I may have to dig us out in the morning and have to be at work early as I'm covering for one of the shift supervisors. yay!


Saturday action rambling on monday morning

Musings about last Saturday crossposted in ncaafootball

Disclaimer: These are just my opinions, none of it based on any real data...

We'll start with my Trojans. Historically in the Saint Pete era, 'SC has needed a 'wakeup' game. I hope this was it. If ever a team tried to hand away a game, this was it. Not sure if Washington really sucked that bad or our defense was just good enough to save the game. The Huskies played on a short field for what seemed like the whole game. 16 penalties. Man, I wouldn't want to be in practice today.

feCal and whOregon both looked impressive. I'm seeing at least one loss to either of them. Kinda suprised that Oregon fell so far in the rankings. I'm even starting to worry about ASU

O'fre Dame

5 out of 10 losses in the top 10. Good thing or 'SC would have fallen further then 2nd.

LSU - They are clearly #1 don't know what the voters over at USA today are thinking.

My other favorite team - Meechigan. I'm liking the way they've seemed to be turning around. GO BLUE!

South Fl. - Daymn. I'm impressed.

My Buffalo Bulls lost again. I bought season tickets just so I could watch some football live without having to suffer through watching the Bills on Sundays. Besides, I'm more comfortable taking Samma to a college game.

Seriously, what happened across the country on Saturday only proves that College Football is the premier sport in the US.

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Some upside-down birdie mentioned that it was the b-day of one of my oldest (*cough*) online buddies.

Happy B-day Kellster!

Hope it's a good one for ya. I'll have a beer or two in your honor tonight.


I missed it! Yesterday was my 7year elljay anniversary! go me. I'll celebrate by using my first userpic.